Make Tasklauncher work for you.

With custom landing pages to custom project filtering you can make your Tasklauncher work area the way you want it. Personalize your desktop with themes to personalized settings.

Projects Dashboard

Tasklauncher Priority mode keeps your deadlines fresh in your mind. View impending due dates on your dashboard by setting your project sort to priority.

Project prioritization for optimal organization
Project stats with a simple click

Project Stats in One Place

All your project stats easily reviewed on the dashboard with a simple click of a button. Stay up to date without having to dive into each project.

Specialized Dashboards

Create custom dashboards to organize your projects. Each dashboard can have a custom theme to set them apart. Simply manage by dragging and dropping your projects to re-organize.

Dashboard Manager for Personalized Organization
Work It

Task Boards

Organize tasks and set goals using current project management practices. See your project progress and assign tasks with ease using Tasklauncher task boards. Easily drag a task to a new status board or assign member task boards to quickly assign each task to a member.

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Tools You Need to Master Your Projects

With Tasklauncher tools you can get more done. Free and Premium tools help you complete your projects:

  • Launch Sites with a click
  • Keep Members Organized
  • All Project Files organized
  • Keep Track of work with Timers
Tools that you need to perform
Tools that you need to perform

Project Tasks Ordered how you need it

Use Tasklauncher Priority sorting or other view settings to organize your tasks. If your order is unique Tasklauncher allows you to drag and drop your tasks to the specific order you need them.

Tools that you need to perform

Get all your tasks with out searching.

Task page view gives you all your tasks in one place from project to project. With easy access to timers you can complete your tasks with out having to search for what needs to get done.

Invite Members to Your Projects

Add team members and collaborate together on projects. Easily add members to groups and quickly assign multiple people to a project.

Tools that you need to perform
Tools that you need to perform

Customize Tasklauncher to reflect You.

Choose from many of the pre-made themes in the library or harness your creativity and make your own. Upload photos and change background and text colors.

Tasklauncher Anywhere

Stay up to date with all projects and tasks statuses while away from your desk with the fully responsive Tasklauncher.

Projects on Mobile
Tasklauncher Mobile
Theme editing on mobile